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Dear Comfort Advisor,

My wife says she’s done cookin’ in a hot kitchen so if I want dinner this summer I better make a sandwich or get her air conditioning. Do you really sell much central air in these parts?

Dear Starvin’ Marvin,

Yes, we actually sell quite a bit of air conditioning in these parts and for a variety of reasons. We live in a beautiful valley but you would be amazed with how much airborne particulate (dust) is floating around. The multitude of dirt roads, ongoing agriculture, and construction projects introduce many tons of particulate into the air. Opening your home up and letting the breezes blow through feels great, but you are creating indoor air quality issues. Asthma, allergies, and sensitivity to any number of respiratory irritants can be alleviated by reducing air changes in the home, filtering the air, or conditioning it with heating and cooling.

The winters here can be overcast and gloomy, but the summers are generally sunny. Solar gain issues in a home or business is the primary driving force for cooling. Our western setting sun takes many hours to set and in the mean time it is packing your home with thousands of BTU’s of unwanted energy. We love it in the wintertime, but it can be unbearable in the summer. Many parts of the country have humidity to add to the misery and then cooling becomes an absolute must.

Trying to sleep in a hot bedroom will drive people over the edge as quickly as anything. We get calls in the summer that the customer wants to know when we can put the cooling in and then, how much it costs. In the winter you can always put on more clothes, but the neighbors may not appreciate what you may be wearing (or not wearing) to stay comfortable in the summer. Bad summer fire seasons always make cooling more popular. The usual procedure of opening the house up at night to cool it off just makes it smell like an ashtray by the morning.

We can install a number of different types of cooling equipment depending on the application. Homes with a duct system can usually have a system installed utilizing the current distribution. Homes without ducting can use any number of ductless options, many which have rebates and incentives into the thousands. These ductless systems also heat extremely well. There are high velocity distribution systems that can put comfort where you never thought possible. Many folks have gas furnaces and if you are considering adding cooling to one of these, a better bet is to install a heat pump that heats and cools. This is called a “dual-fuel” system that runs the heat pump for all your cooling needs and most of your heating needs; the furnace only runs in the single digits and below.

Give me call to schedule a free estimate and start getting comfortable. As much as you may be able to live without one, I don’t know anybody who has regretted having cooling.

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