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Dear Comfort Advisor,

I just moved into a mobile home with a Coleman gas furnace. My neighbor mentioned that your company had checked on his furnace a few years back because there had been a recall. How can I tell if my furnace is part of that recall?

Dear Recalled Rick,

Well, it really was not so much a recall as a voluntary inspection and upgrade program. It only involved 12 specific models of Coleman manufactured housing gas furnaces. We have a list of models at our office. Just give us a call with your model number and we can see if your unit is on the list. Or check online at: The furnaces in question were manufactured between 1995 thru 2000. Some of these furnaces had premature failures of the heat exchanger.

This sometimes involved heat exchanger cracking, burn through and in extreme cases, furnace burn through. Over all these years my company has only seen one case of burn through and fortunately that did not result in any serious damage or fire. That furnace needed to be replaced, but most furnaces just require installation of an upgrade kit. We have probably upgraded over a hundred or so of these models since the program began.

The program covers the cost of the inspection and the upgrade of any furnace involved. We are also authorized to replace the heat exchanger if we deem it necessary. As an authorized Coleman Service Center we still get the occasional call to check out a suspected furnace. We of course identify units in the field when we are called out on routine issues too. In fact, I would bet we found more units by happenstance than from letters that were sent out years ago by the manufacturer to homeowners. That is because some installers or homeowners never registered their equipment in the first place and those that did sometimes moved.

Equipment registration is very important for times when there are recalls. Coleman is not the only company that has had to issue safety inspections or certain parts recalled. We register all the equipment we sell directly. The information is usually in the customer packet, but just to make sure it gets done, we do the filling in our offices. It just seems to be one of those things people sometimes forget.

There was another recall back in the late ‘90’s that concerned plastic vent pipe on boiler systems. The plastic pipe could get brittle and crack (not a good thing because of the CO in vent gases). We still run across that pipe too and get the homeowner in touch with the recall center to start the solution process. This is just another great reason to have your system checked annually. Safety and efficiency is our main concern during these tune-ups.

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