Heating and Cooling Solutions

Service and Maintenance

Safety And Efficiency Agreement Program (SEA)

Annual routine maintenance is critical to equipment longevity. This is not rocket science people, take care of your (heater, home, furnace, A/C car, etc) and it will last longer. We have proven again and again by performing regular maintenance your system will break down less, be more reliable, and last longer. A $84.00 annual maintenance charge for most furnace systems (heat pumps a bit more), will give you piece of mind and when signed up, we will never charge you overtime to come out, provide priority scheduling, and 15% off service parts, it makes perfect sense.

24 Hour Emergency Service

Always being available has been a mainstay of our business from the start. It is a true testament to our dedication of serving our customers. We use the same answering service that the doctors use up on hospital hill. There is an “on-call” schedule rotation where all service personnel trade off for an entire week. If the service person cannot be reached within a ½ hour, the answering service is instructed to contact Diane or Bill to get the call handled. Because we provide service at all hours we have stocked vans and a stocked warehouse. Our service vans are all four wheel drive and equipped with studs. Our technicians are prepared for just about whatever needs fixing, but many problems have been solved over the phone.

Factory Authorized and NATE certified Technicians

Our field technicians are NATE (North American Technician Excellence) certified to ensure competency when we are at your home or business. In the HVAC industry there are no required certifications. Yes folks, you thought there was some university or school of higher learning that we all graduated from, but the reality is, most technicians leaned from the school of hard knocks and what uncle Bob showed them. There are schools out there but not enough of them, and they are just not hard enough (my opinion). I graduated from a four year apprentiship and school outside Washington DC, but those programs have long ago been mothballed. FVCC has a program but it is still a shadow of what it should be.

Diagnostic Tools, Equipment and Procedures

Our technicians are trained and use a variety of complex industry specific instruments to properly diagnose mechanical problems. These include:
Combustion analyzers to accurately determine fuel/ air mixture in fuel burning equipment.
Voltage, Amperage, resistance meters to analyze numerous electrical problems.
Micron vacuum meters to determine proper levels of vacuum in refrigeration systems.
Capacitance meters for troubleshooting motors.
Mega-ohm meters for checking compressor windings.
Halogen refrigeration leak detectors for finding leaks.
Digital temperature analyzers for all kinds of testing in refrigeration and heating.
Refrigeration gauges are our primary tool for A/C and heat pump service.
Building Diagnostics including blower door tests and duct blasting for leakage rate tests.

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